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4 Reasons Worrying Won’t Help You and How to Stop

Worrying is a destructive habit, yet, everyone unwittingly does it. It costs time, energy, and ultimately your sanity if you aren’t careful. The best way to stop worrying is to ... Read more
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Do’s and Don’ts of Becoming Successful

Being successful isn’t a stroke of luck. It’s not a card you are dealt in life. Success is something that must be worked for. Here are eight do’s and don’ts ... Read more
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Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness

Happiness is something you create through the choices you make in your life. It can’t be bought or given to you. Most of the time YOU are the cause of ... Read more
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Emotional Baggage: Let Go for a Lighter Existence

Emotional baggage weighs you down, making life less joyful. You remember the past for reference; it helps you judge where to go next. However, painful histories often repeat like rotten ... Read more
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Stop These 3 Toxic Thoughts That Lower Self-Esteem

When you have toxic thoughts, low self-esteem grows. They work like affirmations, becoming part of your belief system. Unlike affirmations, though, they don’t affirm your strengths and desires; they deny ... Read more
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5 Ways to Build Unshakable Self-Trust

Once you trust yourself, no one will be able to bring you down. No one will discourage you from following your dreams, or persuade you to betray your values. You’ll ... Read more
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The 15 minute Success meditation for a challenging day

Have a big project or stressful day ahead of you? Try this quick meditation to prime yourself for success. Meditation is a way of calming your thoughts down & connecting ... Read more
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Be Yourself! The worst advice you can get.

Being yourself–how has that worked for you so far? If you are completely satisfied and happy with yourself and happen to be your best self, then you are golden and ... Read more