Stop These 3 Toxic Thoughts That Lower Self-Esteem

When you have toxic thoughts, low self-esteem grows. They work like affirmations, becoming part of your belief system. Unlike affirmations, though, they don’t affirm your strengths and desires; they deny your positive qualities. Three main thoughts dent self-esteem. Stop entertaining them, and your confidence will develop.

-I’m not attractive enough-

There are times when you look in the mirror and pick fault. You think a feature is too big or small, or your hair or skin isn’t good enough. You let your critical inner voice make disparaging remarks about your body, the way you talk, or even the way you move. No part of your physique is off limits when it comes to criticism.

You wouldn’t tell a friend she was ugly, yet, you don’t hold back when condemning yourself. The idea you might damage your well-being doesn’t occur. It’s time to turn the situation around, creating positive affirmations to repeat while looking in the mirror. When you feel the compulsion to criticize your looks, find attributes you like. Tell your reflection about them.

-I’m not clever enough-

You inform yourself you aren’t skilled or bright, at least, not enough to do what you want. You think others who succeed are better than you. Comparing yourself makes you feel insufficient, so you engage in self-criticism. You put yourself down with thoughts about how you haven’t got what it takes to succeed.

Such toxic ideas poison you; they make you believe you must settle for less than you desire. Get rid of limiting notions with a reality check. When fears of inadequacy arise, remember others struggled to meet their aims. They underwent difficulties you don’t know about on the way to victory. The attribute they have, but you lack, is confidence, not intelligence. Drop negative thoughts about your abilities, and you can persevere until you meet your goals.

-I’m not creative enough-

During childhood, you were creative. As an adult, though, you might think your ability to summon ideas and be inventive is limited. As such, you may tell yourself you have little aptitude for artistic endeavors. You restrict your creativity with thoughts about lacking imagination.

These toxic thoughts reduce self-expression and make your self-esteem plummet. You’re left believing others have abilities to which you aren’t privy and think this means you are inadequate.

Thoughts of inadequacy lessen your self-esteem. However, you can change how you think, replacing negativity with positive affirmations to lift your spirits. Stop limiting thoughts that make you feel less than enough. Instead, adopt thoughts to encourage your confidence to rise.

Written for by Bridget Webber.
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