How to Like Yourself

Most people have days when they look in the mirror and don’t like what they see. The problem is, it’s hard to feel confident and happy if you don’t like yourself. Getting down on yourself won’t help you move forward. It will set you back. You’ll project an inferior attitude. You won’t be likable to others.

There’s no value in negative self-talk, so why do it?

Self-improvement is always possible, but more or less, the best solution for this kind of dilemma is to put aside your own harsh evaluations and to accept yourself. Do your best with what you have and make small improvements as you move forward.

Once you accept yourself, you’ll feel happier. Getting your mind off yourself will enable you to focus on more important things in life. You’ll also project a more likable personality. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll get along better with others too.

If you want to learn to like yourself better, here are a few tips that might help you:

  1. The next time you look in the mirror, don’t evaluate. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. Accept and appreciate yourself.

  2. Think about how valuable you are to others. No matter your role, you matter.

  3. Start your day with optimism. Look around and be thankful for what you see.

  4. Don’t compare yourself with others. Wear your hair the way you want to and dress in whatever suits you.

  5. Focus on what you do well and do more of it. Don’t focus on your limitations.

  6. Develop your strengths. Use them to help others.

  7. Deflect criticism rather than fall into defensive mode. Encourage others.

  8. Stay true to your own convictions. If someone gives you advice, weigh it and make the best decision for yourself not them.

  9. Remember that everyone has struggles and flaws. Everyone. Do your best with what you have.

  10. Be your biggest fan.

Once you become more self-accepting, you’ll find life less stressful. You’ll put aside your constant self-evaluations and learn to appreciate your uniqueness. The result will be one of living with more joy and success.

Life is short. Don’t wait. Like yourself TODAY.

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