Five Easy Ways to Get Exercise in Your Daily Routine

Life is busy! You have a job, spouse, kids, extended family, friends, errands to run, meals to prepare, a home to clean and so much more. Yet with all of this activity, it still seems that you are not getting enough exercise.

Depending on the type of job you have, you probably are not getting enough, but going to the gym to work out, or doing a structured exercise program at home requires more time than you have to spare. Fortunately, exercise comes in many forms and you can incorporate some into your daily routine.

Here are five easy ways to get more exercise:

  1. Stand up

Your coworkers may not appreciate you whistling while you work, but they probably will not care if you stand while you work. Stand whenever possible. You may not see it as exercise, but the reality is that you burn more calories by standing than you do by sitting. Get a standing desk if you can. If you sit to work now, you can count standing to work as exercise.

  1. Walk Faster and take the stairs

You will walk at some point during the day. Maybe you are walking from your bedroom to your kitchen or from your office to the break room or the parking lot into your place of employment. Regardless of where you are walking, or how long you are walking, walk faster than usual, and swing those arms! Also, take the stairs instead of the elevator. When driving, park as far away from the building as possible, and walk fast to get there.

  1. Exercise at the grocery store

There are many exercise opportunities open to you when you are buying groceries. Reach for items on higher shelves, or squat to get items from the lower shelves. Try to avoid the easy to reach items. Use a small basket instead of a shopping cart. That basket will get heavy, and it does not have wheels. Do not look for the shortest checkout lane. Instead, choose the longest line. Carry your own groceries out and load them into the car. Just make sure you are not buying foods or snacks that will undo all of your non-exercising workouts.

  1. Dance when you can

Whether you are making the bed or driving the carpool, you can do a little dancing. It really does not take any extra time to add a few dance moves to the various chores you do, and this is a great form of exercise. It is also fun, and will increase your level of happiness. There is nothing to lose by dancing! This is a very easy way to get in some aerobic exercise.

  1. Fidget

Your mother probably taught you to sit still and not fidget, and in certain situations, that is exactly what you should do. In other situations, you should fidget as much as possible. Jiggle or swing your legs under your desk at work, while watching television or sipping coffee. If you are moving, you are getting exercise and burning calories. This probably will not help you build or tone muscles, but it will help you to lose or maintain weight.

If you really want to exercise more, and you do not have time for the gym or class, simply think about each thing you do, and find a way to incorporate some type of movement into your activities. You will be delightfully surprised at what a difference adding a little movement to your life will make.

By Shyley MacFarland, Contributor

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