Are You Waiting to Be Happy?

“When I fit into my favorite jeans, I’ll be over the moon.” “Once I’ve paid off my mortgage, I will jump for joy.” Do these statements sound familiar? If so, you are postponing happiness when you could be happy Now. You can always find reasons to delay your full enjoyment of life, if you look for them. Be happy this moment instead of wasting precious opportunities to love life.

You might think you’ve got plenty of time to be happy, and that waiting is worthwhile. When you look ahead, you imagine years stretch before you. However, if you put off partying because you think you’re overweight, or constantly fret over your finances, time will soon run out.

Barriers to joy

Stop letting the changes you want to take place be obstacles to joy. It’s possible to work toward your goals and feel fabulous. The only thing stopping you enjoying the moment is your mindset. You’ve told your brain to delay happiness until certain conditions are in place. As a result, life is your waiting room rather than your playroom.

Pull down the blockades

Don’t let the changes you desire make your existence this minute less than enough. If you think something’s missing, you’re living in a state of lack. By assuming you’ll fill up with bliss once changes take place, you tell your psyche things aren’t good enough at present. As a result, you often feel blue and think your unhappiness is caused by not having what you want.

You’re not unhappy because you aren’t the perfect weight, haven’t met your soulmate, or don’t have the career of your dreams. You have chosen to forego joy until the moment’s right. Get rid of self-imposed blocks to elevated emotions, and let them flow. Tell your mind you’ve decided to be happy right NOW. After all, you wouldn’t wait for years to park in a particular spot or for the phone to ring. Why wait for enjoyment? Your joy is fundamental to your well-being, and won’t withstand procrastination.

You haven’t got everything you want, and never will. You will always desire more, or something different, because that’s how humans are wired. When you put conditions on joy, if you’re not careful, you could miss potential highlights of your life. Be happy, irrespective of your situation, and you’ll attract everything you want sooner. Even if it doesn’t arrive, at least you’ll enjoy life.

Written for by Bridget Webber.
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