The 15 minute Success meditation for a challenging day

Have a big project or stressful day ahead of you? Try this quick meditation to prime yourself for success.

Meditation is a way of calming your thoughts down & connecting your mind/body to your spirit.  An average person has between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day; some on purpose but most random, some positive & most negative. Meditation calms this process down. This gives you a chance to stop, take notice, and even pick and choose your thoughts. Although there are many different meditation techniques, the fundamentals are the same; relax your body, calm your mind, and consciously move your attention and being to higher consciousness levels. In other words, let the peace, strength and beauty of your spirit take over for a while.

Following are instructions for a quick ‘success manifestation’ meditation that should not take more that 15 – 20 minutes.  If you find the time & place to do this brief meditation regularly (once or twice a day, same time at the same location is ideal), after some time you will notice that you are more relaxed and are gaining strength, peace of mind, inner calmness, and a more positive attitude toward life. You will be able to control your mind and your thoughts easier. You will begin to effortlessly attract more of what you want & less of what you don’t want into your life. And there is no magic to this process. You are simply signaling your body & conscious / subconscious mind to calm down and put more of its focus and attention into constructive, peaceful & positive thoughts. You are simply controlling your mind & body from a much higher level, the true operator level.

Once or twice a day find a quiet location where you can privately sit still and not be disturbed for 15 – 20 minutes. The best time to do this is 10 – 20 minutes after you wake up or 20 – 30 minutes before you go to sleep. If you have to do this at work during your lunch time for example, find an office where you can close the door and turn off the lights. This is your private empowerment time so, respectfully guard it.


Forget about what you were doing before and what you will be doing after.  This is your private relaxation time. Come back to “Here & Now” and stay there. Take five deep breaths, using you lower abdomen (your belly should be moving in and out rather than your upper chest). Inhale as deep as you can, hold for a second, then exhale all the way.  Stand up and try to do a few quick stretches to loosen your whole body starting with your feet all the way up to your head (Bend over and touch your toes, roll your ankles, roll your shoulders, lower your head to look at the floor & raise it to look at the sealing, raise your arms and swing gently from side to side, or gently shake your arms and legs. etc. (Obviously, DO NOT continue if you feel any discomfort anywhere) In your mind continue to affirm relaxing thoughts (“I feel relaxed, I am now relaxing, I feel at peace, my body and mind are relaxed etc.). Do this for a few minutes.


Next, if you can cross your legs and sit on the floor (on a cushion) with your back straight, do so. If that is too difficult, causes discomfort or inconvenient for you, find a chair to sit on. However; while sitting on the chair make sure that your back is not leaning against the back support & that your feet are flat on the floor. Your back needs to be straight & unobstructed so that your life energy can flow up and down your spine freely.  Place your hands in your lap on top of each other with palms facing up. Close you eyes and point your eyeballs at a point about four to six feet in front and slightly higher that your forehead. Continue to take 10 – 12 slow yet deep breaths as such: Inhale slowly trough your nose for 3- 4 seconds, hold for 3 – 4 seconds & exhale through your mouth for 3 – 4 seconds. Take your time. Focus on your breath and this moment only. Once you are done gently go back to normal yet deep breathing.


As you breathe deeply, in your minds eye focus on an image (or a word) of something peaceful such as a still lake or a quiet area in a forest or a serene beach; anyplace that you find peaceful & calming.  You can even choose & concentrate on a word such as love, peace, God, truth etc. See it, feel it, smell it; anything that makes you feel good and puts you in a calming & relaxed mood. Continue to concentrate on that image or that word.


As you try to focus and concentrate on your image your mind will try to wonder and many thoughts will cross you mind. That is normal especially if you have never meditated. Like a small, noisy, and active child your mind (thoughts) does not like to sit still & stay quiet. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply. Every time you notice that your mind has wondered off again, gently bring your attention back to your image or word and focus on that. Do not get frustrated. Gently & calmly bring your attention back to the object of your focus. As you get better at this you will notice that you are able to stay with that image / feeling longer & longer and slow down and control your thoughts more & more. (As you practice this regularly, you will be able to do this even outside of your meditation in your normal everyday noisy life). Continue to do this for approximately five minutes.


At this point you should feel more relaxed and focused. Now it is time to slowly and gently replace your calming image (or word) with an image of your accomplished goals.  For example, slowly fade out the image of you sitting on a serene beach and enjoying the sun and the waves with an image of your healthy, happy & financially secure family or with you having achieved success in your career or a healthy body. Visualize your goals as if you have already achieved them; see & feel the end result. Use as many accomplished values & goals as you want. Simply be in that calming, relaxing & focused state and continue to play the images of success, happiness & fulfillment in your mind. As you are doing this continue to breathe deeply through your nose & make sure to have a gentle smile on your face. Feel relaxed. Feel great. Feel free.  Continue to do this for five minutes.  As you approach the end of your success meditation take a few more deep breaths counting in, holding & out for 3 – 4 seconds. Gently open your eyes. Stay seated for a minute and continue to smile & feel good.  Stand up, do a few more stretches & go on about your day (or prepare to sleep) caring that sense of peace, assurance, focus and calmness through the day & night. Continue to do this everyday. Slowly but surely your higher Self will know what you want and will do everything in its power to control your body & your mind in order to bring those things into your life.  And the universe heard you too and will do the same.

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